8 Key Reasons Why Digital Marketers Need to Get on TikTok

Are you an enthusiastic digital marketing professional? Planning to invest your time, effort, and money into a TikTok marketing strategy? Here are the most crucial reasons that help you to get key sights about its importance in today’s competitive marketing world. 

TikTok was just started as a lip-syncing and entertaining application, and later, with the launching of the latest features, it transformed into a great online marketing platform. The user base is growing to an extent, and now it has exceeded over 1 billion globally. Because everyone is on TikTok, it becomes the best bet for businesses to invest resources and budget. What else do you need that TikTok deserves the attention to successfully market your brand? Want to see your brand get noticed more? With precision, start to utilize Trollishly and effortlessly reach your target audience. To empower your strategy, let’s read about the effective features and compelling reasons and confidently use TikTok. 

#1 TikTok is Super Interactive

TikTok is a captivating platform that impresses users with its exciting features. The user base is expanding at a fast rate, and making your presence on TikTok is truly a worthy idea. As per the studies, TikTok users spend an average of 87 minutes daily on the platform. This makes brands and marketers start incorporating TikTok into their marketing strategy. Moreover, users create more interactive content and post on the platform. It entices more users to watch the content and engage them. 

Without any doubt, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are growing. But to give a creative touch to the content that TikTok offers in a new way. That’s why more potential users use TikTok to promote their brands and thrive. 

#2 Improved E-commerce Features

Social commerce is growing to an extent, so TikTok offers marketers a full range of tools to excite their customers. Recently, TikTok has collaborated with Shopify to let marketers easily sell their products. Well, the TikTok ads help Shopify merchants to boost their brand’s reach in no time. With the effective use of the features, marketers also opt to buy tiktok likes to interact with potential customers seamlessly. Let’s use the four features to make your campaign perform well and stand out. 

  • Creative Tools: If you explore the TikTok platform, you find more powerful creative features that help create captivating videos. 
  • Unified Campaign Planning: To establish a presence on TikTok, Shopify merchants target their prospective customers, monitoring results and curating the strategy. 
  • Turn-Key Pixel Tracking: TikTok Pixel is to be linked to Shopify for conversion tracking. 
  • Retarget Using Customer Data: Shopify merchants, with the use of customer data, can retarget the audience by maintaining user privacy.   

#3 Catalog Ads

Digital marketers know the effective use of TikTok to boost their sales and revenue. There is one feature called catalog ads, which helps showcase various products. It is a worthwhile ad to focus on to make your brands more discoverable. A few reasons you have to know is that;

  • Create videos for each product. 
  • Use the automated feature to curate your product details. 
  • Exploring information about products directly on TikTok ads.
  • Making specific sets for every product. 

#4 Brand Effects

Do you want to set your TikTok ads videos to stay apart? If yes, taking advantage of brand effects would be the right option. Using this, you can highly promote your brand and make it more intuitive and entertaining. 

Brand effects are just one of the features that help to express your brand in an enticing way and boost engagement. Utilizing this type of ad will make your audience recall your brand more easily. 

#5 Spark Ads

Spark Ads is one of the latest ad formats that influence marketers to create their own content. Rather than creating new content, it lets brands sponsor content that boosts the reach organically. It gets the users’ immediate attention and makes the brand go viral. Therefore, try to use it in your marketing journey and stay at the top of your competition. 

#6 Make Wonder With Hashtag Challenges 

Do you want your brand to join up in the prevailing culture? Then, take advantage of hashtag challenges, a great way to interact with your potential market. Apart from gaining more user traction and boosting engagement, hashtag challenges will help you to build meaningful connections with potential customers. For brands, the key to success is hosting hashtag challenges or participating in them. However, ensure the features below. 

  • Keep your hashtag challenge more intuitive.
  • Promote on other platforms.
  • Make it more intuitive.
  • Get influencers to support.

If you run a perfect hashtag challenge, you can build a sizable following and make a difference in your business. 

#7 Check Out Your Performance Data

Running a TikTok marketing campaign rewards businesses and marketers in several ways. Only with a clear marketing campaign analysis will you get performance metrics to step up your strategy. It means after launching your marketing campaign, check the insights and leverage tiktok viewer to make your campaign perform at your top level. 

#8 TikTok Steadily Gaining Older User’s Attention

You have to know that TikTok is constantly rolling out the most interesting features that are helpful for marketers. At first, TikTok skewed younger audience attention, and now, with the rise in popularity, more older users started to use the platform. It states that TikTok is for a wide range of different age groups. TikTok has become a great avenue for brands or marketing to increase the brand’s reach. 

  • Over 59% of TikTok users are younger or below the age of 24.
  • Get to know that the rapidly growing age demographic is 25 to 34 and 35+.
  • 35+ age groups increased from 19% – 25%.

Final Takeaway

Hopefully, now you believe that TikTok has been an inevitable part of your marketing strategy. So as a digital marketer, spice up your marketing journey by being part of TikTok, creating engaging content, and providing innovative solutions. Effectively utilize powerful TikTok features and start to grow your business. With the perfect strategy, you can stay at the edge of the competition by engaging more new audiences. 

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