Guide To Build Your Author Brand

An Ultimate Guide To Build Your Author Brand

An author’s brand is the identity of a writer and their visual image in the eyes of the audience. It is a set of emotions, opinions, and value characteristics of the author and their work in the minds of readers. This includes several elements that allow readers to form an opinion about the author. There are 2 types of author branding:

Physical Branding- This includes all the physical elements like the author’s brand name, logo, tagline, and all the other color and design factors associated with it.

Psychological Branding- This includes psychological elements like brand reputation, the reader’s expectations, and promises they have made through their brand.

6 Proven Tips Needed For A Successful Author Branding

You can also get help from a professional who offers ghostwriting services to create a compelling author brand. Here are some of the elements that are needed to create a successful brand.

  1. Create An Author Logo

Creating an attractive author logo for your brand should be your top priority yours. Make sure that it is attractive and bold enough to stand out and your readers can easily recognize it. Some of the elements that you should focus on are:

  • Name- Utilize your name while creating the main logo of your brand. You can either create a design with it or use it in some design. 
  • Typography- The font of your text or design should be able to convey some sort of emotion in readers or set a certain mood with it.
  • Color Palette- The color palette of your logo holds great significance. Select the colors that suit your writing style and genre the best.
  1. Write An Author Tagline

The next thing you will be expected to do is to come up with a catchy and short tagline for your brand. This phrase should accurately convey the message of your brand and build a positive reputation. 

You can also get help from a professional or expert to create a memorable tagline. This will help your readers engage with it more often and remember it as your signature remark.

  1. Social Media Accounts

Social media is a huge network-building platform that can easily increase the engaging power of your brand with readers. You can build a habit of regularly posting, commenting, and replying.

This consistency will create a positive image of your brand. Moreover, it will also help in creating a community for your brand and increase the reach of your content. 

  1. Author Bio & Picture

Create a well-written bio that could inform readers about your experience, accomplishments, and hobbies to build trust among your readers. 

Along with this, also include a picture of yourself so that it could create a visual connection with your readers and humanize your presence on the internet.

  1. Build An Author Website

You can also create an author website or blog to keep your readers updated about all the news related to your books like events, interviews, merchandise, etc. 

A blog will also increase the traffic on your website and help in building a genuine connection with your readers. This will also be helpful in gaining feedback and reviews from your readers.

  1. Send Author Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep your readers updated about all your news. Subscribers who have willingly signed up to receive newsletters are more likely to engage with your blog posts, articles, etc. 

So, you should create a habit of sending newsletters about all your latest updates to your subscribers. Moreover, they are also helpful in announcing new releases, discounts, or updating order status.

The Bottom Line

Building an author brand provides numerous benefits to first-time writers and helps in creating a more personalized connection with their readers. Even if you are going to get help from a professional, it is important to know these steps so that you can make better and more informed decisions.

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