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Best Android App For Increasing Instagram Likes

Do you want to increase the popularity of your Instagram account? With the help of these apps to get likes on Instagram, it is not that hard.

Using apps to get likes on Instagram might look as weird as buying followers. However, this is very much of a different case.

That is why we are going to introduce you to some of the best android applications for increasing Instagram likes.

Increase your Instagram Likes by these Apps


AiGrow is the #1 Instagram growth service you can rely on. No bots. 100% human-powered. Guaranteed results.

AiGrow is a set of tools that can (supposedly) help you grow your account. The interesting thing about it is that it openly says it’s an Instagram bot, a fact that many similar companies try to hide. As you may or may not know, Instagram doesn’t condone the use of bots.

This platform is well-organized and reliable for increasing the likes and developing your Insta account legally.

GrowSocial is a service that automates your Instagram account’s interactions and work even while you’re sleeping!

If you are using Instagram daily to engage with your fans or customers, then you know how much time it takes, but yields the best returns. It will not only save your time, but also maximize your engagement with your followers and customers, gaining more and more attention every day.


You can get Instagram Likes and Followers Free, Quick, Instantly! With this Free PowerLikes Android App and Begin Earning Likes and Followers.

A complete tool that aims at managing your account boost your likes and followers. PowerLikes will analyze your profile and recommend hashtags, while also allowing you to use a built-in editor to make your photos and videos even better!


Hiketop+ is the best Mobile app for Instagram likes and followers. Want to become much popular on Instagram? Use this app.

Much like other apps to get likes here in this list, HikeTop offers you relevant captions and hashtags for your posts aimed at increasing their reach and their appeal. Plenty of options here to spice up your profile, if you are going for an influencer vibe.


We believe this article has been an added advantage for enhancing your likes on Instagram. Try the apps and go with the one that best meets your requirements.

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