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BigCommerce Web Development and CRO

Businesses built on BigCommerce, being in eCommerce, have likely heard of conversion rate optimization, or CRO, by this point.

But what is it, and how can a BigCommerce web development company help improve it?

What Is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

Conversion rate optimization is a sum of the practices that can be put into place to improve a website’s conversion rate by making the entire web design and function more user friendly. Generally this accounts for a reduction of obstacles to conversions, although it could be related to changes made to boost conversions whether or not obstacles were present within the online store.

How a BigCommerce Web Development Can Help

Looking for concrete examples of how a BigCommerce web development agency can help you with eCommerce solutions that will boost CRO?

Here are some instances, all of which can improve the customer experience.

● Adding calls to action (CTA) and urgency plays: Both calls to action and urgency plays can have a positive impact on conversion rate, as well as where they are located on a website. Urgency plays, specifically, will produce a feeling of scarcity that can encourage visitors to bite. Popular urgency plays include sale timers and countdown clocks, as well as “low inventory” alarms or badges.

● Improving website navigation: There is more than one way to improve website navigation, and a BigCommerce web development company can help with more or less all of them. Streamlined mega menus, improved search functionality, and featured bestsellers and customer favorite badges and tiles all count, as do quick “add to cart” buttons. Basically the idea is you want to get the user in front of what he or she wants to buy as quickly as possible.

● Reducing barriers during checkout: The simpler the checkout process, and the fewer the steps, the better. In a nutshell, customers don’t want to have to fill out a lot of fields. Every action you require from them is a chance for them to stall and turn back.

● Reduce page loading speeds: Page loading speeds are a terrible barrier to conversions, not only because they technically obstruct them but because a slow-loading website does not seem credible or secure. Developers can help improve page load speeds in numerous ways, including reducing tech debt and functionless code, compressing images, implementing a CDN, and much more.

● Display customer reviews prominently: Nearly all customers read reviews or get information in some way or other from fellow buyers before becoming one themselves. Therefore, the easier you can make it for them to find that information, the better. If you have customer reviews, work with a developer to display them not only on the homepage, but also on each applicable product page.

● Boost SEO efforts: Much of SEO (search engine optimization) is not under a developer’s purview; for instance, keyword research, strategic planning and content drafting. Yet, some of it is. For instance, there are page speeds, site security, navigation, and functionality, all of which either are ranking signals themselves or have a pronounced splash effect, and all of which can be optimized by a developer. So in that way, by bringing in new organic leads, a developer can assist with CRO through SEO.

Working with a BigCommerce Web Development Agency

Not sure whether hiring a BigCommerce web development company to improve your conversion rate makes sense?

It’s really all about your goals. Average eCommerce conversion rates for all industries generally hover between 2% and 3%, but they can be better. If you’re somewhere below that number, CRO may be able to help you, barring other unique, industry-specific interferences.

Speak with your BigCommerce rep about it or reach out to an agency to see how they can help. Services may be expensive, but at least talk is usually cheap!

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