Different Digital Marketing Mediums to Boost Your Business

Digital marketing has really evolved as there are plenty of options today from which you can carry out different types of digital marketing strategies. We can have a quick glance on the vital web marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Small businesses can very well profit from search marketing. Search engine giant Google offers a free placement of any new business, and it’s easy to do it as well with their clear-cut instructions. The key factor is you can promote your business where it is exactly established with detailed address, phone number etc. and when creating the listing – in the title use the keyword/ phrase that you want to get listed for. If done rightly, it will be displayed in Google Map listings on the very first page of Google search for that particular keyword/ phrase for which the local business listing has been activated. Apart from the local listing, organic SEO can be implemented to rank your website highly on the search engines for a long tail of keywords/ phrases.

Content Marketing: Content marketing was king and is king and will remain king for the future. This is because human being wants information for various needs – be it for buying or selling products and services, trading etc. Human being needs knowledge – be it for learning a new skill or enhancing existing skill by referring to online content. Content aptly fulfills these very basic human requirements.

Pay per Click (PPC) Adwords Campaign: This is one type of paid advertising with the search engines. You need to be careful when investing your money in this digital marketing strategy. Accurate keyword/ phrase selection is crucial for the success of an Adwords campaign. In this, your listings will appear on the first page at the top part or at the right hand side of the search engine result page (SERP) for the selected keywords/ phrases. Also, there are various options available for running PPC ad campaigns and the right option can be implemented per the Client budget and requirement.

Social Networking and Social Media Marketing: Social networking is about participating in a community and sharing – It may be an update about your new product launch or about a special event or ceremony taking place at your workplace or about exciting happenings in your organization or sharing the success story of your business model. This medium allows people to know about the updates and they might share the information with their friends. In this way, you get exposure through a network of a community. Few examples of social networking sites are: Facebook (network of friends and relatives), LinkedIn (network of professionals), Twitter (network of strangers). Few examples of social media sites are YouTube, Slide share and Pinterest.

Video Marketing: Today, video marketing is catching up drastically. More and more people prefer to watch videos. As the information passed is quick and at the same time the user does not have to read anything. Thus video viewing becomes a leisure activity with minimal efforts from the part of the user. Now-a-days companies invest considerably in making attractive small videos and to market it over the Internet.

Viral Marketing: Viral Marketing deals with the creation of text or email message, video clip or audio clip that excites the young and old alike and infusing it into the highest searched and utilized social networking and media sites such as Facebook and YouTube so that it gets shared by friends instantly. A recent example of the viral marketing is a movie song “Kolaveri Di” which went viral all through India. It was widely spread via You Tube (Social Media platform) and Facebook (Social Networking platform).

Email Marketing: For this, you will have to first build a database by offering incentives or giving something free of cost – It could be an e-book on any interesting topic and in return could ask the people to fill up a basic form containing their names and valid email addresses. Once you have a good list, you can prepare a professional newsletter with special discounts or offers and send out to them. It could be done during festival time like “Thanksgiving Day”, “Christmas”, “Easter” etc. or it could be done whenever you need to push up the sales by offering special seasonal discounts or gifts randomly. Email marketing if done efficiently, brings in measurable results.

If you execute the above listed web marketing strategies effectively, it would really boost up your business. Ideally, taking the help of a professional Digital Marketing Company is highly recommended.

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