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Export MBOX Emails to Gmail without Thunderbird

Interested in importing Google Takeout emails to a new Gmail account? No need to worry if the answer is yes. You might use MBOX to Gmail (a third-party tool), which is one of the best methods, to quickly import and move Google Takeout emails to another Gmail account with attachments.

To import Google Takeout emails to a new Gmail account, anyone can shrewdly use MBOX to Gmail on any Windows operating system, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

The majority of people in the digital age are looking for information on “how to export MBOX emails to Gmail without Thunderbird” in order to migrate their takeout emails into a Gmail or G Suite account. That is why here we are describing the step-by-step guide of the CubexSoft MBOX to Gmail software to know how to perform takeout email to Gmail migration without any error. Now let’s take a look at the software working with complete steps.

Steps to Export MBOX Emails to Gmail without Thunderbird

Step 1: Set up MBOX to Gmail on your Windows computer and start it up.

Step 2: To upload takeout emails into the software, open it and click Add File(s) or Add Folder. Select Next to proceed after adding takeaway files to the software.

Step 3: Now, choose one of two options based on your needs in order to save takeaway files into Gmail. Click the Next button after that.

Step 5(a) If you choose the first option, input your Gmail account login information after that for all additional mailboxes. After that, click Export.

Step 5(b) For each additional takeout, enter your Gmail account login information .mbox file if you decide to go with option two. Then select Export from the menu.

Step 6: At this point, monitor the takeaway email to the Gmail transfer process’s live progress status bar.

Step 7: A success message titled “Conversion Completed” will appear after the procedure is complete. To finish the procedure, press the OK button.

The perfect option of this tool is that during the complete procedure, it doesn’t lose the data reliability of even a single mail file. Furthermore, the tool’s graphical user interface is completed to be user-friendly so that even non-technical users may use it self-sufficiently of technical users. Also, this incredible software contains a ton of great features that increase its overall functionality.

Import Google Takeout to Gmail for FREE in Demo Mode

Before making a purchase, users can utilize the MBOX to Gmail Tool’s free trial to learn how the entire program operates and learn how to import Google Takeout emails to new Gmail accounts. So, download the FREE DEMO version and import the first 20 emails from each takeout .mbox file for free into your Gmail account. After using its free version, you may upgrade to the licensed application, which offers batch conversion of emails from takeout files to Gmail or G Suite accounts.

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