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Great Heath Benefits of Green Beans

If you go to shopping in grocery stores or supermarket every day, you can see green beans is one of the most available ingredients. They are also known as string beans with many applications in culinary field and healthcare as well. You will be surprised to discover that these little green beans which used to decorate your dishes are a great source of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. It means green beans own many health benefits with your body from head to toe.

Green beans are found easily in many parts of the world with different climates, especially Asia and Africa. However, it is popular on dishes of American and European countries, they also bring good flavor to Asian dishes as well. Thanks to this, people around the world can enjoy health benefits of green beans.

Here are health benefits of green beans you should have known:

Immune system enforcement

Green beans are well known for their variety of immune system-boosting antioxidants. These antioxidants have a mission to seek out dangerous free radicals and destroy them to protect our immune system. Free radicals are the main cause of illness and tissue damage. Moreover, green beans are a great source of flavonoids, carotenoids. Especially, catechins in flavonoids can reduce the risk of strokes.

Bones strengthened

Green beans own a high level of vitamin K, one of the most constants to keep your bones strong. Consuming vitamin K in green beans every day means you maintain bones density and reduce bones fracture. Also, it can help you to heal your bone break quickly. Therefore, you should add green beans into your daily menu as soon as possible to protect your bones.

Weight loss

You are tired of doing exercise? You are hopeless with your weight? Green beans can help you out due to its excellent ability to manage your glucose level. Controlling glucose levels is very important with people at risk for obesity. Hence, eating green beans is really a useful therapy for losing weight. Green beans will reduce the glucose level in your blood, making you don’t feel hungry and your desire to eat will be lower. Otherwise, guavas and avocados are safe for weight loss as well.

Cancer prevention

Nutrients in green beans can support many areas of the body, and one of them can stop the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. You can name these “heroes” as vitamin C, vitamin K and lutein. They are all anticancer properties and used in cancer treatment. Namely, lutein works with lung cancer, breast cancer; vitamin K can prevent oral, colon and stomach cancer. Vitamin C is common ingredients on cancer drugs to attack cancerous cells.

Digestive system protection

Although green beans are very tiny, they are a rich source of fiber which has many benefits for our health. People are suffering from digestive problems, especially constipation certainly need to add green beans to their diet. Besides, the high level of fiber in green beans can control sugar and cholesterol in your body as well, reducing your risk at heart diseases and diabetes.

Green beans are a common food, so everybody can benefit from them if apply them in daily life in a hasty manner. Health benefits of green beans can help us lead a healthy life due to their rich level of nutrients, therefore, let’s start eating the kind of beans from today, you will get a healthy body with strong bones, low cholesterol, sugar level and stay away from many kinds of cancer. Fortunately, you can find green beans everywhere and store them easily in your fridge without worrying about losing their nutrients.

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