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How to Access Windows Archive PST Folder in Mac Outlook?

How to access Windows archive PST folder in Mac Outlook? Dealing with such similar queries every day? Looking a safe solution to move Windows archive PST folder in Mac Outlook with all the data items? No worries, read the article and you will come across an advanced solution with the help of you can successfully access Windows archive PST folder database such as emails, contacts, calendars, and other items in Mac Outlook effortlessly.

Windows archive PST file stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a default storage file format of Windows Outlook which is known for storing emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other items of email application. It is quite popular among many business professionals and so most of them will be aware of its aspects.

PST is created with the help of Export option present in Windows Outlook. And thus, it is a dependent file format. In other words, if these files are sent on a different operating system or by users who are using different email clients will find difficulty in opening such types of files on their system.

Why Accessing Windows Archive PST Folder in Mac Outlook is Difficult?

Many times, Mac users need to collaborate with Windows users for business purposes. Due to this they receive PST files a lot. Also, more than half of the Mac population use Mac Outlook on their Mac machine as the email client became very popular after gaining popularity on Windows.

However, several Mac users think that PST file is accessible on Mac Outlook easily because both email applications are similar and their source is also the same. But this is not the case. Besides being the same email clients, they are running on different operating systems which are configured with different operating system. So, it does not matter if the email applications are same. The way they save the files will surely be different.

Therefore, a lot of users face difficulties when they try to view PST file database in Mac Outlook.

Although, Outlook for Mac offers the option with the help of users can access Windows archive PST folder in Mac Outlook. This is only suitable for few PST files. In case you are having PST files in a large number, then PST to OLM conversion is must.

Just like PST, OLM is an archive file type of Mac Outlook. It also stores all the email messages, contacts, calendars, and other items of Mac Outlook users in .olm file.

How to Access Windows Archive PST Folder in Mac Outlook?

The instant way to access Windows archive PST folder in Mac Outlook is MacMister PST to OLM Converter. The advanced solution which is programmed with a friendly GUI and easy operational environment. Both professional and novice users can perform the conversion of PST to OLM and obtain the desired output in few seconds.

Moreover, the software is built-up with unlimited powerful features that one can set as per the requirements to convert PST files into OLM accordingly. However, the freeware version is also an additional advantage that users will get with the help of they can experience the conversion process for free.

Working Steps to Access Windows Archive PST Folder in Mac Outlook

Step 1. Download and open Mac PST to OLM Converter on macOS.

Step 2. Add PST files on the software by using the dual buttons i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. By clicking the Add File(s) button, one will be able to add the necessary PST files on the tool. Whereas Add Folder can help you to add a folder carrying multiple PST files on the application. Click Next.

Step 3. The software will list PST files on the software pane one by one with checkboxes. However, the checkbox will help you to access specific Windows archive PST folders in Mac Outlook by performing the necessary selection. Click Next.

Step 4. Tap Select Saving Options and choose OLM file format from the menu.

Step 5. Set OLM options according to the requirements and click on Export button to start the conversion of PST files.

Step 6. The process will start and a Live Conversion Window will appear displaying the ongoing conversion progress with the help of users can track the export status of PST files.

The procedure finishes within seconds and then “Conversion Completed” message will appear on the screen. Click on OK and go to Mac Outlook email client and import the resultant OLM files in the same.

Steps to Import OLM Files in Mac Outlook

Step 1. Open Mac Outlook on MacBook.

Step 2. Go to Tools and select Import.

Step 3. Select Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) option.

Step 4. Locate where resultant OLM files are saved and select them to continue.

Step 5. Click Import.

Step 6. The import process will start shortly and then the imported items will be visible on the left navigation pane under On My Computer.

You can open the required file in the email client and check the output. However, you will see that the content is accurately converted and the formatting properties are also precise. Moreover, the folder structure remain intact throughout conversion.


The write-up has offered remarkable solution to export archived emails from Windows PST folder to Mac Outlook. The MacMister PST Converter for Mac is an incomparable solution which is safe to use, includes fast processing, and delivers accurate results within seconds. Moreover, the free demo of the app is also available which can be used to experience the working of the app for free. It will also help you to archive first 25 files from archived Windows PST folder to Mac Outlook free of cost.