how to convert olm files as ics file
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How to Convert OLM Files As ICS File?

If you’re a Mac Outlook user and searching for the best way to convert OLM files to ICS file without problem. Then, you’re at the correct place. Because in this blog post, we will discuss dual ways to convert OLM files as ICS file format without losing any information.  

You should be aware that calendar data is stored using the ICS standard. Many email cline apps, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, allow this flexible format for storing calendar data. You can read the reasons why people convert OLM file to ICS file format in the section below.

No one wants to misplace their carefully planned calendar that contains appointments, event dates, crucial meeting dates, particular events, and other important data, so selecting a trustworthy approach is important. Read the complete write-up carefully to choose the optimal conversion strategy.

Let’s first examine the reasons for those who want to convert OLM to ICS before going on to the solutions.

Users Want to Export OLM File to ICS, But Why?

Well, as each user uses programs differently based on their requirements, the reasons can differ from user to user. However, we will talk about a few typical reasons here that practically everybody meets. Here are a few of them-

  • Users may wish to share their Mac Outlook calendars with other individuals.
  • Users of other email programs, including Gmail, Yahoo, O365, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, IBM Notes, and Zimbra, can import the converted data.
  • Users may need to switch to a different email client.
  • Although OLM stores emails, notes, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other information, many of us simply want access to OLM calendars. As it is, ICS is the standard format for storing calendar information. To accomplish this, OLM must be converted to ICS.
  • Because ICS files only include calendar-related data, users will save file size when converting OLM to CSV.
  • One of the main causes is that OLM can be opened on different platforms, making it a non-universal format. Users must import OLM files to ICS files in order to view OLM file calendars on other platforms.
  • For these reasons, a lot of Mac users are finding an effective method to convert OLM calendars to ICS format. Please carefully read the following section if you’re looking for a simple way to import OLM files into ICS files.

Here, we talked about dual methods to complete the task.

  1. Free manual solution to convert OLM files as ICS file
  2. Professional solution to export OLM calendars in ICS format

We’ll begin with the manual way so you don’t have to suffer any longer if you’re looking for a free method. We will walk you through the process of converting a Mac Outlook to an ICS file in the section that follows. 

#1 Solution- How to Convert OLM Files as ICS File Manfully?

OLM files cannot be accessible on Windows or other systems, as we have previously described. Therefore, you must convert OLM files to ICS if you wish to share Mac OLM files with Windows users. The manual method’s steps are listed below.

  1. Launch Outlook for Mac.
  2. Access the Calendars file.
  3. From Outlook, drag and drop the file to the desktop.
  4. Next, carry out the same process for each OLM file.

Without a doubt, the above-mentioned approach is simple to use and completely free. Unfortunately, there is a major drawback to this manual method: it takes too long to transfer all data if users have 50 Mac Outlook data files and must repeat the process 50 times.

#2 Solution- How to Convert OLM Files As ICS File Professionally?

One of the best features of this program is that one can easily choose whole and needed data which you need to transfer into ICS file format and get the output in a couple of seconds. CubexSoft OLM Migrator is the best and reliable tool which can effortlessly make your Outlook for Mac file accessible to other email client applications. The software enables you to export bulk OLM files to ICS files at once without data loss.

Why Should Users Utilize this Utility?

  • To convert OLM files into more than fifteen different file formats, experts advise using OLM Converter Tool.
  • Able to convert OLM to PST with ease, preserving file and folder hierarchy
  • It works with all Windows OS, Mac OS, and Outlook versions.
  • You can test the software’s functionality with a free demo copy.

Last Verdict

We have covered both professional and manual techniques for exporting bulk OLM files to ICS files in this technical post. We’ve made an effort to provide you with the best options to finish your conversion process. You can utilize methods that work for you and your needs. But select the other option if you want to finish your process with a few clicks.