Java Projects with Source Code

Here are several Java project ideas along with links to repositories where you can find source code. These projects range from simple to advanced and can help you understand various aspects of Java programming:

Beginner Projects

  1. Calculator
    • Description: A basic calculator application with a GUI for performing arithmetic operations.
    • Source Code: Simple Calculator
  2. To-Do List Application
    • Description: An application to manage a to-do list with functionalities to add, delete, and mark tasks as completed.
    • Source Code: To-Do List
  3. Library Management System
  4. Simple Banking System
    • Description: A basic banking application where users can create accounts, deposit, withdraw, and transfer money.
    • Source Code: Banking System
  5. Weather App
    • Description: Fetch weather data from a public API and display it in a user-friendly interface.
    • Source Code: Weather App

Intermediate Projects

  1. Chat Application
    • Description: A chat application that allows multiple users to send and receive messages in real-time using sockets.
    • Source Code: Chat Application
  2. Student Management System
    • Description: An application to manage student information, including adding new students, updating records, and generating reports.
    • Source Code: Student Management System
  3. Online Quiz System
    • Description: A quiz application that supports multiple-choice questions and provides scores at the end.
    • Source Code: Online Quiz System
  4. E-commerce Platform
    • Description: A basic e-commerce application with functionalities like product listing, cart management, and checkout process.
    • Source Code: E-commerce Platform
  5. Expense Tracker
    • Description: An application to track expenses, categorize them, and generate summary reports.
    • Source Code: Expense Tracker

Advanced Projects

  1. Content Management System (CMS)
    • Description: A CMS that allows users to create, edit, and manage website content, with user authentication and role-based access control.
    • Source Code: Content Management System
  2. Social Media Platform
    • Description: A mini social media application with features like user profiles, posts, comments, and likes.
    • Source Code: Social Media Platform
  3. Online Banking System
    • Description: A comprehensive online banking system with functionalities such as account management, transaction history, and fund transfers.
    • Source Code: Online Banking System
  4. Inventory Management System
  5. Hotel Reservation System
    • Description: A system to manage hotel bookings, room availability, and customer information.
    • Source Code: Hotel Reservation System

Specialized Projects

  1. Game Development
    • Description: Create a simple game like Tic-Tac-Toe or Snake.
    • Source Code: Tic-Tac-Toe | Snake
  2. Machine Learning Integration
    • Description: A Java application that integrates machine learning models for tasks such as sentiment analysis or predictive analytics.
    • Source Code: Sentiment Analysis
  3. Microservices Architecture
    • Description: Build a set of microservices using Spring Boot that communicate with each other, demonstrating a scalable and distributed system.
    • Source Code: Microservices with Spring Boot
  4. Blockchain Implementation
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