Do You Know The Facts About Dental Restoration Through Smile Designing?

It is believed that your smile is probably the first thing that people notice about you. Your smile can be a deciding factor in other people’s perception of you. It can convey a sense of happiness, contentment, confidence, and so on. We can say your smile tells a lot about your personality. And therefore, you need to be comfortable with the appearance of your smile.

If you are conscious about any aspects of your smile, it will show in your behaviour which might miscommunicate your state of mind on many occasions. Fortunately, after years of research and technological advancement, cosmetic dentists can help you find peace with the appearance of your smile using smile design.

Let us take you on a journey through the process and benefits of smile designing in this article.

What is smile designing?

Smile designing, also known as digital smile design, is a cosmetic dental treatment that involves using high-end technology to change the appearance of a smile. People who do not like any aspect of their smile such as crooked teeth, damaged teeth, fallen teeth, etc. can be presented with options to design the appearance of their new smile. This treatment usually involves treating the teeth to improve smile appearance.

What is the process of smile designing?

The process of smile designing is a series of steps taken to assess the current condition of a person’s teeth, know their expectations from a smile design process, communicate and finalise the feasible outcomes, and actual dental procedure. It primarily includes three steps, namely: preliminary, design, and dental treatment.

Preliminary stage:

This is the very first stage of the smile designing process and involves gathering all the information about the patient’s smile. When a person visits a cosmetic dentist, they might be asked some basic questions such as their medical and dental history, allergies, or medical complications if any, etc.

Then the dentist will examine the current position and condition of a patient’s teeth and oral structure. It is done using high-end digital cameras and X-ray machines to collect accurate details about each tooth.

Design stage:

This is the stage where all the information gathered in the first stage is put to practical use. The images and videos collected using digital cameras are fed to a computer that analyses them and renders this data into a 3D model of the person’s teeth. This representation helps both the patient and the dentist understand the current condition of the patient’s teeth.

The dentist then designs a new teeth layout using the same advanced software and makes suggestions to the patient who is allowed to agree or disagree with it. The patient can make their suggestions and the dentist will analyse if that smile design or dental change is feasible enough to be achieved and maintained. Only after the patient and dentist approve a new smile design, does the dentist begins with the next stage.

Dental treatment:

This is the stage where the actual dental surgical process is carried out by the dentist. It may involve minor treatment such as realignment, or major surgical processes such as removing decayed teeth and replacing them with new ones. The course and duration of this stage are largely based on the dental treatment required for the new smile design. This stage may include more than one dental treatment procedure.

How smile designing help restore damaged or decayed teeth?

The smile design method does not have to include major dental surgical and invasive procedures only. It can also be used to change the appearance of one’s smile through cosmetic dental restorative procedures. This depends on the smile design requirements and expectations of the patient.

Dental restoration procedures are made to support existing teeth that are either damaged due to injury or decay but hold enough tooth structure to last as normal teeth. Chipped or broken teeth, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, etc. can be restored using smile design technology.

Who can benefit from smile designing?

The process of smile designing enables patients to be a part of the decision-making team right from the beginning. It is only after a patient likes and approves of a 3D enabled smile design that the cosmetic dentist begins with the dental procedure. This method is highly beneficial for people who are very particular about the look of their new smile.

Smile designing also benefits everyone who wants to change the appearance of their smile and is ready to invest in the process. Sometimes, in cases of injury due to accidents or aging dentists will suggest this procedure too.

Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that the smile design method of restoring teeth or changing the appearance of the smile is suitable for all those who hold a supportive jawbone structure, are capable of healing after dental surgery, or hold the minimum requirements to go for a dental surgical procedure.

Smile designing is a modern and technologically backed method of rejuvenating the appearance of your smile. Many people with varying degrees of teeth abnormality have gained a relatively pleasant smile with this form of cosmetic dental treatment.

If you want to change something about your smile, consult the nearest smile dentist today. They will guide you through the process.

We wish you a happy smile!

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