Recommendations for the Best and Most Popular Natural Tourism in Papua 

The easternmost region of Indonesia, Papua, holds the natural beauty of tourism in Papua . Being the largest island in Indonesia, it is not surprising that Papua has so many natural attractions to offer. Of course, just the beauty of the island of Papua and its beaches, in Papua there are also other natural attractions in the form of lakes, hills and even waterfalls that are ready to welcome you when you go on holiday to Papua. So, what are the natural tourism options in Papua?

Lake Sentani

The choice of famous natural tourist destinations in Papua is Lake Sentani. It is so beautiful, the lake which is located on the slopes of the Cycloop nature reserve at a height of 75 meters above sea level can make tourists who come feel relaxed because of the sensation of the gentle caress of the fresh breeze. Apart from traveling around the lake by boat, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani from the top of Teletubbies Hill.

From the top of this hill we could see the sparkling water from Lake Sentani which was very beautiful. The most interesting thing, if you look closely, is from the height of Lake Sentani, it looks like a symbol of love. Tourists can also see the natural beauty of Lake Sentani wrapped in culture through the Lake Sentani Festival performance every year in June. The festival features traditional dances on boats, traditional ceremonies, and various Papuan culinary dishes.

Paniai Lake is located in the Central Mountains, Paniai Regency, Papua. Lake Paniai has an area of ​​14,500 hectares, with very cool air that surrounds it because it is above an altitude of 1,700 meters. above the sea level.

The natural beauty around the lake is still very well maintained. Paniai Lake has clear blue water which is a habitat for various fish and freshwater biota. In the afternoon, the sunset panorama looks as beautiful as a beautiful painting, thanks to the cliffs that surround Lake Paniai.

Baliem Valley

Apart from natural tourism to the lake, we can also tour the Baliem Valley which is located in the Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua. The valley is at an altitude of 1,600 meters. Above sea level, this is the living area of ​​the Dani Tribe, Lani Tribe and Yali Tribe.

One of the attractions of this natural tourist area is the Baliem Valley Festival. This festival provides a simulation of war between the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes which is packaged in stunning dance performances.

The Baliem Valley Festival is routinely held every year for three days in August. Because of its popularity, the Baliem Valley Festival has succeeded in attracting the attention of foreign tourists who want to come to Papua just to enjoy this festival.

Bihewa Nabire Waterfall

Located in Nabire Regency, Papua, Bihewa Waterfall is also a natural tourist destination in Papua that is a shame to miss. Tourists not only see the clear waterfall, but also the beauty of the Papuan forests that surround Bihewa Waterfall.

This waterfall has a height of 40 meters. along with seven levels. The higher the level of the waterfall, the more beautiful the panorama and air quality offered. Tourists can also directly look at the beautiful natural panorama while listening to the roar of the waterfall which is too soothing.

Harlem Beach

Having amazing natural beauty, it is not surprising that Harlem Beach is predicted to be a small paradise in Papua. Located in Jayapura Regency, Papua, Harlem Beach has a beautiful natural panorama like a painting. The sea water at Harlem Beach is very clear, making it easier for tourists to see the underwater beauty from the beach. Plus the beauty of the sunset makes the holiday atmosphere enjoyable.

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