How to Style Stretchy Scrubs for Work?

Stretchy scrubs have turned into a norm in healthcare attire due to their unique provision of comfort for the human body while they also provide the functionalities required for the job. However, those comfortable scrubs that allow patients to move freely can also be fashionable. That is good news because by choosing the right combinations and accessories, you don’t have to leave your personality at home to achieve a professional appearance. You can be fashionable at the same time. This guide offers information on effectively dressing your stretchy scrubs for the workplace.

1. Choose the Right Fit

To begin with, the importance of size, length, and shape of the scrub attire cannot be overemphasized in creating any fashionable scrub attire. Comfortable scrubs should allow for comfort and mobility, but the size should be appropriate.

Proper Sizing

Make sure your stretchy scrubs hug your body snuggly, without being too tight around any specific area of your body, nor are they too loose on you. The scrub top should fit well and cover your shoulder blades. The scrub pants should not be loose that they twist and fold due to movement.

Tailored Look

Choose sleek stretchy scrubs with fitted fabric that gives a more professional look. It is not a secret that there are many beautiful and comfortable scrubs on the market: IguanaMed is just one example of a company that designs fashionable products for medical professionals.

2. Play with colors and designs

Say bye to the colorless and boring scrubs that doctors and nurses used to wear. Today, it is easy to find a suitable color and pattern as they have a great list of options.

Solid Colors

White and black colors are optimal since they look neat and are appropriate for business settings. Black, navy blue, and gray are some of the most elegant colors that do not hurt the ears and can be easily combined with other accessories.

Bold Colors and Prints

If you wish to bring fashion into diverse wear in your working environment, scrubs in vibrant colors or repetitive designs can be worn. King blue, teal, or even a touch of red on your uniforms will help you stand out uniquely and attractively. These can be patterns like floral, abstract, or even themes that one can incorporate into their outfit.

3. Layering to enhance style and comfort

Fashioning shows that layering can enhance the overall look of stretchy scrubs and also provide practicality at the same time. It prepares one for different climates and exercises your fashion statement.


Having an undershirt that is worn under the scrub top will add a little extra warmth and a splash of color. Choose a fitted, moisture-wicking shirt in a complementary color.

Jackets and Vests

A fitted scrub jacket or vest can dress up your look while giving you more pockets and warmth. Choose jackets that will not clash with your scrub sets and easily blend with any color of scrubs.

4. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can be used to enhance the appearance of stretchy scrubs turning it from an ordinary to an elegant one. However, it should not be overly personal and should not be used for entertainment, or business purposes.


A watch is not simply an ornament but also a valuable instrument in healthcare services. Select a watch without many complications. It should have a sleek design with a strap that is difficult to clean.

Badges and Lanyards

Enhance your look with a fashionable ID badge holder or lanyard. As it has already been said, numerous choices can help you be unique and still look professional.


Appropriate shoes and other foot care measures are critical for long hours of standing or walking on duty. When selecting shoes, ensure that they have a good arch support and should also blend with your scrubs. Proper clean and polished shoes can do a lot to your externals.

5. Maintain a Neat Appearance

Even if your stretchy scrubs are fashionable, it is imperative to keep your appearance neat and clean.

Iron Your Scrubs

Scrubs that have stains or are wrinkled don’t look professional. It is important to iron the scrubs or use a fabric steamer to make them soft and neat to wear.

Proper Hygiene

This is very much so true in healthcare since cleanliness is vitally important in the practice of medicine. Ensure your scrubs are only ever clean and do not have any spots, stains, or marks. To keep them clean, wash them as often as you would recommend by the manufacturer.

6. Enacting with Pins and Patches

Adding pins and patches to your stretchy scrubs can be fun and appropriate. It makes the outfit look more individual while still being formal.

Professional Pins

Think of pins that reflect your accomplishments, licenses, or memberships in professional organizations. These can help make uniforms more personal and instill pride in wearing them.

Fun Patches

If you can get away with it at your place of work, small discreet logos do not hurt and can make scrubbing a little more fun. Select patches that are relevant and not overly intrusive.

7. Balance Comfort with Style

It is always good to look smart without sacrificing comfort, especially in a hectic healthcare setting.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

Ensure the stretchy scrubs are constructed of lightweight, moisture-managing materials to keep you comfortable all day.

Flexible Waistbands

Choose scrub pants with drawstrings or elastic bands around the waist to feel comfortable wearing them.

8. Stay Updated with Trends

There are always new trends in healthcare fashion. It is also important to be fashionable as it helps one look smart.

Follow Brands and Influencers

Join groups on social media related to scrub brands or healthcare fashion bloggers. It sometimes displays current fashion trends and how to wear them.

Join Online Communities

Publications where other healthcare professionals have also disclosed their fashion tips and experiences should be joined. This can be a good source of ideas.

Wrapping it Here

Styling stretchy scrubs for work is all about combining comfort with fashion. Therefore, it is important to select the right fit, try various colors and patterns, smart layering, appropriate accessorizing, washing, ironing, proper individualization, the perfect combination of comfort and style, and keep up with the latest trends. Love stretchy scrubs and make your work clothing stand out as a representation of you without compromising on formality.

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