The console, the multifunction of the house

A true decorative chameleon, the console table can be used for different purposes and comes in a variety of styles. We will first introduce you to the different models of consoles , which console should you choose according to its decoration and then see the importance of the choice of color.

Console models

The extendable console

It embodies exemplary modularity and sophisticated design. The console has the particularity of having a very narrow top, which generally does not allow you to put too many things or very large objects on it. But there are now models of extendable consoles , equipped with extensions, which make it possible to double the size of the furniture. The extendable console can then become a console-table , or even a desk. Much wider than the classic console , it can accommodate many objects on its tray. The other possibility is a console with drawers which allows you to store more objects without taking up more space.

The baroque console

This is the console you need for a luxurious entry. The small occasional console can be declined in a multitude of different styles, in order to make a place of choice in your interior decoration. Thus, in a hall with a resolutely glamorous atmosphere, the entrance console will adopt a brown or even black wooden covering, such as ebony for example; all you have to do is put a luxurious mirror on it to breathe an air of grandeur into this passageway.

Wall consoles and corner consoles

They are both decorative and real practical allies for your interior, wall and corner consoles have one thing in common: they save space. Practical, small and stylish, they add an undeniable decorative touch to an entrance or a bedroom. They fit very well between a sofa and some shelves.

A console table that adapts to your decoration!

Retro console and industrial console

In a Shabby Chic dining room, an occasional piece of furniture is as practical as it is aesthetic; for this, we choose a console in white or light wood, which can be slightly patinated to complete this delicate atmosphere and a vintage touch. If you like modern and minimalist decoration, why not opt ​​for a Scandinavian console? We will then choose a wooden console with a natural look, or a white console in stained wood; we can even make a mixture of the two, to integrate this piece of furniture into the entrance hall or a corridor.

An industrial style console can also be designed in materials other than wood; we can, for example, appreciate the raw aspect of a wooden and metal console in an industrial-looking loft. You may find what you’re looking for in our selection of black metal consoles that are perfect to match with plant holders.

An ultra-design console

It is the essential piece of furniture to highlight your decorative objects. For fans of a designer interior, the immaculate coldness of the glass console will conquer them. Place this style of furniture in a hallway, for example: this transparent support can then accommodate precious trinkets or even pretty plants. You can even play with the effects, by placing a glass pocket inside for an elegant and transparent layering.

What color for a console?

In terms of colors, the consoles also offer you a wide choice. Versatile and versatile, this piece of furniture adapts to your slightest wishes and decorative desires to turn into a brightly colored table or a fine chest of drawers tinted in a pastel shade.

By opting for metallic shades, such as silver or gold, your designer console will sport a resolutely trendy table look.

In white or beige shades, neutrality will be required for your console table, which will then be perfect in a classic style hallway or in a vintage living room.

To breathe baroque and glamorous airs into your home, choose it in rich and powerful colours, such as amethyst purple or garnet red.

If your living room or dining room is inspired by Scandinavian design, opt for a modern console table in pastel colors; you will have there an addition completely in the Nordic spirit to your interior decoration. You can also match the color of the console with that of the coffee table to create a harmonious whole.

Whatever console you choose for your interior, it will combine the elegance of a narrow piece of furniture with the real usefulness of a practical and resourceful piece of furniture. Find the finest selection of consoles for your home on

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