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7 Must-Have Summer Fashion Accessory for Women

What are great outfits without elegant accessories? These accessories might not seem essential, but when you wear them, it suddenly transforms your outfit into a great outfit. The right accessories can enhance  even the simplest of clothing, which is why it is crucial to know the ins and outs of accessory trends each season. Here are 10 fashion accessory trends you need to know for summer.

#1 Tinted Sunglasses

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy more time outdoors. While doing so, don’t forget to protect your eyes. Tinted sunglasses are a great summer accessory that protects your eyes from the sun, but still allowing your eyes to shine through. This year’s trend includes classic frames with a modern twist. After a year of shelter in place, it’s time to plan outdoor adventures, in style.

#2 Net Bags

When we talk about net bags, we think about beachy materials, such as netting and basket weaves that have a high demand  in warmer months. But, don’t think about these bags as just beach-side essential. From getting groceries to brunches, stylish net bags are a multi-purpose fashion accessory.

#3 Quilted Shoes

Quilted leather is common in purses, but in recent months, it is finding its way in shoes, hat, scarves and other accessories. The detail in quilted shoes truly adds that extra touch, even if you prefer more of neutral colors. You may think of cozy quilted coats in winter, but these quilted shoes are equally suitable in summer.

#4 Gorgeous Bucket Hats

After a year of staying at home, our skin tends to become more sensitive to the sun than ever. Many of us develop tans when exposed directly to the sun, so there is no better way to protect your face from the sun than wearing a stylish bucket hat. Rock this summer without worrying about face tans with oversize hat.

#5 Pretty Little Headbands

Admit it, your hair has been in the ponytail or bun for majority of quarantine. That’s fine, but now is the time to give your hair a new makeover. Headbands and hair ties may seem like little accessories, but they are low-effort hairstyles that are never going out of style, especially in summers. In fact, it is every lazy girl’s go-to fashion accessory.

#6 Mask-proof Lipstick

Wearing mask has become a new norm in most states, but that doesn’t mean women should stop wearing lipstick. With non-sticky matte lipstick, you don’t have to worry about the lipstick transferring to your mask and drying out your lips. The transfer-proof matte lipstick is a perfect makeup to wear with masks.

#7 Long Necklaces and Pearl Drop Earrings

No outfit is complete without a piece of sparkling jewelry. Long necklaces are trending these days because it can be perfectly paired with tiered dresses, which is the hottest fashion trend. For earrings, choose some pretty and dainty that flawlessly compliments your bright outfit. Go for smaller hearts or pearl drop earrings that look simple yet better. What are your favorite fashion accessories to keep up with 2021 trends? Please let us know in the comments below.

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