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6 Habits to Adopt for Sustainable Living and Saving Mother Nature

People have started to believe that they need to be more sustainable to protect the nature for our future generations. From the food you consume, to the car you drive, everything has an impact on the earth. But, that doesn’t mean you should always eat vegetables and ride a bicycle everywhere. It’s about small changes that lessen the impact on the environment. In this post, we will discuss 6 little, but effective tips that could help you live a sustainable life.

#1 Stop food wastage

Food wastage is one of the biggest problems. Throwing edible food doesn’t just waste your hard-earned money. It ends up in the landfills where it rots and produce methane gas, which is a common greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. Therefore, reduce food wastage by storing it correctly, buying only what you need and saving leftovers for the next day breakfast or lunch. If it goes bad, use them to make compost that turns food waste into energy for plants.

#2 Reduce carbon footprint

Carbon emissions have a great impact on the environment, therefore, even the smallest effort to reduce the carbon footprint can make a huge difference. Switch off the appliances when not in use, hang clothes to dry rather than using a drier and walk down or take a cycle instead of a car on short journeys.

#3 Go paperless

In this advanced digital world, make use of emails or digital copies rather than printing on papers. You can also ask shops to email the invoice instead of printing it on the paper. Reduce the use of paper towels, and make use of washable cloth wipes for cleaning and drying.

#4 Avoid single-use plastic products

Single-use plastic products like plastic bottles and straws tend to end up in the ocean, causing immense harm to its habitat. Therefore, pop a reusable bottle in your bag next time you go out. By making this a habit, you can cut down weekly bottle buying and prevent them from entering our world.

#5 Save water

We use water not only for drinking, but for washing, bathing and cleaning as well. But, the fact is, we have very tiny bit of fresh water available out of 97.5% of the world’s water which is available in the sea and remaining 2.5% which is locked in the ice caps. So, save water by turning off the taps properly, showering with less water, collecting rainwater with water butts and regularly checking your dishwasher hose and pipes for leaks.

#6 Donate items that you no longer use

Every year, tons of books, furniture, clothing and other household items are discarded and they end up in landfills for no good reason. If you don’t use any product, but it is in perfectly serviceable condition, give it to someone you know who is in need or the charity shop. Some clothing fibers and plastic articles cause serious harm to our planet if left in the landfill. By donating, you prevent the wastage of usable material and stop landfills from growing bigger.

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