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Top Tips to Stay Active & Energetic All Year Round

It is important to remain healthy and active throughout life, especially as you age. Staying fit can add years to your lifespan and will markedly improve your overall well-being. Maintaining an active lifestyle can help you stay healthy in the long run.

Staying active can take many different forms. If you’re interested in boosting your health and trimming your waistline — no gym or expensive equipment required — here are some simple ways to bake more activity into your day.

Set some fitness goals

Fitness goals are a great way to stay active, get in shape, and bask in the glory of victory. Start by setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound – so you can benchmark your progress against them.

Walk more, Use stairs

Walking is easy, fun and provides instant benefits. More than half the body’s muscles are designed for walking; it’s the body’s natural movement that is virtually injury-free.

When it comes to staying active without the gym, walking is one of the easiest, most convenient activities you can do. To burn calories, all you have to do is walk faster and devote more time to each walk. For the most benefit, use a pedometer to keep track of how much you’re walking, and slowly work up to 10,000 steps a day. If you can’t walk outside where you live, try indoor walking at a nearby mall, or using a step-exercise video at home. The next time you have a choice between escalators, elevators, and stairs, choose to climb your way to the top. Stairs increase your heart rate and build muscle tone. 

Join a sport

Nothing will keep you in a better shape all year round like an active sport. It is easy to join a local team in the category that you are interested in. It can be soccer, football, volleyball, swimming or any other. The team’s training schedule will force you to work out all year round to avoid derailing the others. The benefit of joining a sport that you have no option than to keep fit as long as you are part of them.

Cooking, cleaning your house

Cooking, house cleaning, and yard work are great ways to increase your physical activity and cross items on your to-do list off at the same time. If you’re feeling lethargic. Cleaning your home or apartment regularly is another way to ensure that you stay active during the week.

Get a pet & play with your pets

It goes without saying owning a dog automatically means frequent walks and play time. Pets need activity, and actually can be your own accountability friend to get at least a short walk in daily. Even if the dog only forces you to get up and let it out without going for a walk. It is recommend that pets can decrease anxiety, stress, and depression, lower your blood pressure, and even reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

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