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Top 5 Vegan Luxury Watch Brands Without the Cruelty

Vegan watches are becoming increasingly popular with no signs of slowing down. Being a vegan it is pretty difficult to find vegan fashion accessories, especially watches. But, it doesn’t have to be the case as there are plenty of vegan luxury watch brands that don’t make use of leather. If you are looking for eco-friendly and ethically  made watches, here are the best 5 watch brands that manufacture 100% vegan watches, all made without harming animals.

#1 Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a British luxury watch company that was started in 2012 by two friends, after struggling to find a vegan watch brand. The brand features a selection of unique and elegant watches that displays femininity. You get to choose a range of colors and styles, including vintage-inspired, classics, floral prints and more to suit every woman. Most Olivia Burton watch straps are interchangeable, meaning you can use the same strap with different models of the same size. Thus, Olivia Burton is one of the most prominent vegan watch brands if you like a bit of whimsy.

#2 Time IV Change

Time IV Change, as the name says, believes in bringing a positive change to the world by producing environment-friendly watches. This Australian brand was launched in 2016 from a small garage with an aim to promote compassionate change in your life by protecting the creatures who live around us. Hence, they began creating cruelty-free leather watches and other vegan goods. They do not only produce 100% vegan watch straps, which are made from high-grade polyurethane, ultra-fine fiber and other recycled materials, but their watch cases are also eco-friendly made from recycled aluminum. Since every material in the watch can be recycled, this brand is highly preferred by nature and animal lovers.

#3 Jord

Another premium watch brand that makes watches from natural and sustainable materials is Jord. This US-based company is ingeniously known for creating hand crafted watches for women from wood. In fact, their unique selling point is their straps that are entirely made from wood. The company uses about 13 different types of wood in their timepieces, with integrated steel case on the inside, which makes their watches durable and long-lasting. Jord wood watches are elegant enough for executives and CEOs and sustainable enough for environmentalists.

#4 Ksana

If you love vibrant color watches, Ksana’s beautiful timepiece collection will surely catch your eyes. Ksana is the UK-based brand that was founded by Claire after she failed to find neon color watches. This encouraged her to create unisex watches that are not only colorful, but vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Every Ksana watch face sizes are either trimmed in rose gold or silver, which are made from water-proof stainless steel along with Japanese components. Their watches feature anti-slip, durable and light-weight silicone strap that come in a range of styles and funky colors. The brand also runs Silicone Recycling Program that allows customers to send back the watch straps to be used in the solar panels.

#5 Jason Hyde

With a strong belief in creating simple, sustainable, and eco-friendly products, Jason Hyde inspired to produce straps that are made from biodegradable wool, cork, recycled waterproof paper and recycled PET plastic without using any chemicals. However, not even a single percentage of leather goes into creating these luxurious watches. This Miami based watchmaker combines an array of materials and textures with incredible colors to make watches that truly stand out. Jason Hyde watches also maintain a cool temperature, so they feel sweat-free on the wrist.

Whether you are a vegan or concerned about the health of our planet, you can switch to any of these above-mentioned brands and still look stunning, but without the cruelty.

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